Thursday, July 30, 2015

Jewelry Storage

jewelry storage

Hi there! The one room in our house I haven't touched since we moved in is the master bathroom. It's really tiny, and we were just so happy to have a bathroom attached to our bedroom, that we didn't complain about its size or lack of function. At first. But now, it's startin' to get to me. I need to tackle some other house projects first, but believe me, this room is next on my list. Here's one thing I recently changed in there, though: my jewelry organization.

jewelry box

This jewelry box has sat on our toilet tank for five years, people. It's where I plunked it down when we moved in, and I haven't moved it. It's dusty, it takes up too much space, and my stuff gets tangled in it. So I recently changed it for this system:

A toilet tank tray with an assortment of dishes for jewelry storage is making me happy right now. I can see what I'm reaching for, it looks pretty, and it's not in the bathroom, where it's more likely to get dirty and tarnished.

bracelets in a footed bowl

necklaces on a mug tree

jewelry organization

ring dish

Can you think of 4 other ways to use a mug tree, by the way? Check out how to turn a mug rack into stylish storage!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Healthy Snacks

healthy snacks

Does this happen to you? No sooner do you sit down or start working on something and your kids say, "Mom, can I have a snack?" Geez, I'm really sick of that question. So last week, I determined that our kids are way old enough (8 and 6) to figure this out on their own. So, why haven't they? Well, I'm partly to blame. I'm a bit of a control-freak when it comes to what they eat. But also, our darn fridge has shelves that are too high for our spritely-sized people. So I came up with a couple of ways for our kids to help themselves to some pre-approved healthy snacks.

First, I lowered a shelf in the fridge--which happens to be one that also slides out for easier access--and filled it with plastic containers of 1) baby carrots 2) celery sticks 3) granola bites and 4) string cheese.

convenient after-school snacks

Next, I used an undermount wire shelf in our pantry to lower the healthy stuff to eye-level. It has 1) dried fruit 2) almonds 3) applesauce cups and 4) pretzel rods on it.

after-school snacks for kids

Finally, our freezer drawer (which is reachable because it's on the bottom of the fridge) has 1) yogurt tubes and 2) yogurt-covered frozen blueberries in it.

I showed the girls all of these options and explained that anything in these three spots is fair game. They can help themselves anytime they want without asking because all of the choices were healthy ones. You would've thought I'd just given them each a pony. So there you have it: healthy snacks for our kids that may also turn into healthier snacks for me! And now I'm not bugged by, "Mom, can I have a snack?" anymore. Freedom for all!  How liberating!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer Wreaths to DIY

Hi there! I made a quick and easy embellishment for a sunflower wreath I purchased that I want to share with you.

Nothing fancy, just some brown ticking striped fabric cut into the shape of a little flag, which I glued some rope to. Then I free-handed our last initial on it with some black fabric paint. I must confess, I often purchase basic floral wreaths, and spruce them up with ribbons, nests, and other stuff to make them look customized as a way to save some time.

It's not too late to make a summer wreath for your front door! If you need some more inspiration for ways to say welcome, check out these 10 Summer Wreaths over on my Home Accessories site. My favorite is the bicycle wreath, but they're all great. What's your fave?

Here are some other inexpensive and easy things I've DIYd for our front door!

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